It had already been well advertised and promoted that tonight’s performance by Los Albertos was being filmed and recorded for the release of a live album later in the year. This added much hype to the atmosphere and expectation of the audience as well as the band’s own performance. However Los Albertos were more than ready and able to live up to the moment and remained exquistely in control throughout the gig even though at times the audience got really wild, with photographers and cameramen fleeing the venue floor, leaving it to a mass of fanatical pogoing fans.

"Los Albertos are a six-piece ensemble of ska-dance protagonists who’ve been transmitting their hi-energy tunes to the nation since their formation in 2002. Christened by the barmaid at their debut gig in the legendary Prince Albert, their fistful of grinning 2-tone skank with a twist of funk, punk, Klezmer, rock and dub has drawn attention from far beyond the pebbled beaches of their hometown Brighton.

With three albums under their belts, they are about to unleash a new vinyl and download only EP, This Is A Serious Party, featuring three brass-powered floor stompers that have never seen the light of day, as well as a brilliant cover of 'Sweet Dreams'. It's dance music, Jim. But not as we know it."